Coconut Oil: Mother Nature’s Tropical Treasure

Health and beauty – this oil can do it all. We’ll let you into the secret how to integrate this fabulous all-rounder into your everyday beauty routine as well as use it to create healthy meals.

A true gift from mother nature: No matter if used in recipes, cosmetics or healthcare products – this tropical oil has a true wealth of advantages. Don’t waste any time to find out what powers this superfood can impart. Nowadays coconut oil is available in most supermarkets. Only purachse oils labelled ‘virgin’, ‘unrefined’ or ‘pure’ to ensure that you’re buying the healthiest version of this tropical treasure because you deserve nothing but the best.

Coconut Cosmetics: Head To Toe Fabulous

Purely plant based and oh so sophisticated: coconut oil is a true beauty wizzard. No matter if used as a hair or skin care product, you can never go wrong with coconut oil. It’s subtle scent leaves you feeling refreshed and since it’s all natural you don’t have to worry about any pesky additives. Go back to the basics and learn how you can incorporate coconut oil in your everyday beauty routine.

Skincare: Coconut oil contains lauric acid which is naturally antimicrobial. That means that it can fight any annoying spots, zits or acne – so you always look and feel your best. You can even use it on small cuts or bruises as it minimises scarring tissue. Want to put your best foot forward? Create a simple all-natural body scrub with a little help from mother nature. Simply mix coconut oil with coffee grounds. No coffee at hand? Don’t worry – you can use sea salt or brown sugar instead. This mild oil is also perfect as an eye-make-up remover – just follow it up with some micellar water and moisturise. Misplaced your lip balm again? A touch of coconut oil and your good to go.

Hair care: Frizzy, dry hair? No worries, coconut oil moisturises and repairs damaged hair. Simply add a droplet of coconut oil to your hair care routine. On top of all that tropical goodness it also combats dandruffs. Using it as an all natural hair mask is easier than you’d think. Start off with a small amount (coconut oil actually goes a long way) and warm it up in a bain-marie or between your fingers. Once the oil has completely melted gently massage it into your scalp and hair. Leave it in for a minimum of 30 minutes or wrap your hair in a towel and leave it in over night. Wash your hair as normal and voila – you’re relaxed, recharged and looking gorgeous!

Extra tip: As coconut oil is all natural you can also use it on your pooch. Rub a little into the fur of your dog and improve their skin and coats health. Don’t forget – coconut oil is antimicrobial – so whatever your pup might have picked up; coconut oil will improve the immune systems fight.

Cuisine: Cooking With Coconut Oil

Cooking with coconut oilHealthy eating is at the core of our wellbeing. We already know that including fruit and veggies is paramount to a balanced and healthy lifestyle. We’ve got news! Adding coconut oil to your diet is easy as pie and increases your intake of important vitamins and nutrients. Especially when including coconut oil in your diet always make sure that it is high-quality and unrefined. Personally we think that extra virgin, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil in a glass jar is the best. We know oddly specific but don’t you worry – the proof is in the pudding.

Talking about pudding, if you don’t have any butter or margarine – don’t worry about it. Simply use coconut oil instead and don’t forget a little bit goes a long way. Also if you’re planning to deep fry anything; first of all kudos, you’re living your best life. Unfortunately, unrefined coconut oil has a smoking point of approximately 200° celsius which means your fries might taste a little funky if you fried them in this oil. Why not choose a healthier option such as a stir fry and the subtle scent and taste of coconut oil will go perfectly with your favourite veggies.

The actually quite high smoking point of coconut oil means that if you are using for a cheeky midweek stir-fry – none of the oil will jump out of the pan. What does that mean for you? Less cleaning. Correct this oil makes everyday life easier. So instead of cleaning the hob you have more time to do the things you actually enjoy.

Our most important organ – the brain – also profits from the exotic advantages that coconut oil has. Reasearch has shown that this oil can aid prevention of diseases such as Alzheimers. Countries that use coconut oil in their cuisine appear to have fewer cases of neurological diseases. The reasoning behind this seems to be the fact that coconut oil improves the manner in which energy is supplied to the brain.

No time to loose, simply dash out and purchase your first pot of coconut oil. We hope you’ve enjoyed our editorial and that you are as excited as us about this tropical treasure.