Exceptional fashion clothing through Italian-inspired craftsmanship

Connoisseurs of style can all agree on one thing – Italian craftsmanship is truly exceptional.

The nation is built upon a rich artisanal history that has produced some of the world’s most celebrated luxury goods. For over half a century Italians have been the gold standard when it comes to fashion, food and cars. Much like their approach to style, Italians put everything and more into their work. It is a part of who they are, so much so that the country’s biggest traditional industries make up a sizeable portion of its international exports.

Here at Artigiano we are deeply inspired by this devotion to quality and so use Italy as a guiding light in our designs. Following in the footsteps of Italy’s master artisans, we take the same meticulous approach to creating our own collections. Be it outstanding tailoring, strict attention to detail, or using only the finest materials, we are committed to delivering exceptional Italian style to British homes. After all, Artigiano translates to ‘artisan’ from Italian.

To capture that same level of luxury Italian fashion is known for, every single component of our clothing has been carefully thought out to guarantee the best possible quality for our customers, both in sense of style and value.

Sourcing High-Quality Fashion Fabrics

High-Quality Fashion FabricsTo begin with, we source all our materials from the world’s leading fabric mills. We work closely with experienced family-run businesses, many of which are based in Italy, that have been handing down their skills through multiple generations, honing a craft into a flawlessly executed art.

From these mills, we select only the finest pure wools and blends for our collections. Although, it takes more than a good yarn to make something special, which is why we go to great lengths to make sure it all comes together beautifully in our carefully selected specialist workshops. The quality of knitting and sewing, along with the overall finishing is just as crucial to Artigiano as every other step.

What Is Artigiano’s Textile Technology All About?

Artigiano is no stranger to innovation, and with every season comes new advancements in textile manufacturing. Whether it is the ingenious body shaping used in our line of jeans or the advanced Italian stretch fabric used in our leggings, our goal is to meld tradition and technology in a way that benefits our customers, while keeping the essence of classical Italian style.

Another ingenious body-shaping technology utilised in our dressmaking process is our use of concealed power mesh lining. This clever approach to panelling is perfect for sculpting silhouettes and taming curves, making you feel like you dropped a dress size overnight.

Clothes That Last a Lifetime

Cotton Thread ReedsBy using high-quality fabrics and state-of-the-art dressmaking, our garments become true investment pieces, offering lasting quality and value to their owners.

Save yourself the hassle and expense of dry cleaning with our machine washable items that offer superb shape recovery after every wash. Whether it is incredibly soft suede-touch jackets or Italian wool-blend trousers, we make it our business to ensure all our collections are easy to care for.

The Importance of Comfortable Clothes

More goes into Italian craftsmanship than you might think. It isn’t just about style and standing the test of time, it is also about being pleasurable to wear. At Artigiano, we are so deeply inspired by this sensuous approach to craftsmanship, that the ‘fit’ is one of the most important aspects of our design philosophy.

Achieving that signature Italian poise would be impossible if our clothes were uncomfortable and cumbersome. Instead, our collections are made with practicality and comfort in mind, without compromising on style and taste. We call it “laid-back luxury”.

For example, we use butter-soft leathers and supple suedes along with underfoot cushioning, elasticated trims and insets to create truly unforgettable footwear you won’t find anywhere else.

Paris Fashion Week

Paris Fashion WeekOne of Italy’s closest neighbours, France also has a reputation for its stellar craftsmanship and as we near the end of another eventful and intriguing fashion month, we direct our attention towards the country and its highly renowned Paris Fashion Week.

Hot on the heels of last week’s Milan Fashion Week, our own in-house designers will be in the French capital to see what trends are setting the catwalks ablaze this upcoming season. Gucci was notably absent from last week’s affairs, deciding to relocate its Milan show to Paris. The legendary nightclub Le Palace will be where the brand will show off its fresh campaigns and projects that hope to target newer generations.

It wasn’t just Gucci that had millennials and Generation Z on their minds, but also the other powerhouses of the European fashion industry. Maison Margiela is set to debut a new show format along with other French brands such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, Saint Laurent and Céline, who are all set to present highly anticipated events in the coming week.

Artigiano’s Commitment to Craftsmanship

Italian CraftsmanMuch like the French and Italians, Artigiano believe that you get out what you put in. This explains why every step is important; from selecting fabrics to the finished garment – the care, attention and sheer craftsmanship that goes into creating every single item of clothing in our collection is all there to give customers a touch of Italian living to their daily lives.

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